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What is a the star-strand?

Some precursor microRNAs give rise to two functional mature strands, the primary mature strand and the minor *-strand (star-strand). These represent the two arms of the stem in the precursor hairpin and are typically designated by the absence or presence of a ""*"" or by -5p and -3p after the miR designation for the mature sequence (e. g. hsa-miR-214 and hsa-miR-214* or mmu-miR-290-5p and mmu-miR-290-3p). These can be easily distinguished by the mature sequence. Design features of both the miRIDIAN Mimics and Hairpin Inhibitors allow you to study the function of each mature miRNA separately. The double-stranded Mimics have been modified to preferentially load the mature strand into RISC, while the Hairpin Inhibitors are designed to potently bind and inhibit the mature-strand of the endogenous miRNA. For more detail on miRNA nomenclature, please see www. mirbase. org.