PhenoVue™ cellular imaging reagents

Phenomenal fluorescence


PhenoVue™ fluorescent cellular imaging reagents offer exceptional brightness – enabling the highest-quality images for detection and analysis of a myriad of cellular components, organelles and macromolecules.
PhenoVue organelle probes

Organelle & subcellular probes

PhenoVue organelle-specific stains detect various organelles and cellular compartments and are optimized for high-content analysis and screening.

  • Stains and fluors for commonly studied organelles and compartments
  • Designed to enable fluorescent multiplexing while minimizing overlap
PhenoVue secondary antibodies

Secondary antibodies

PhenoVue fluorescent secondary antibodies offer enhanced sensitivity and are optimized for multiplexing experiments.

  • Highly cross-adsorbed antibodies minimize cross-reactivity
  • Anti-rabbit or anti-mouse antibodies for common applications
  • Validated in high-content screening applications
PhenoVue cell painting kits

Cell painting kits

The PhenoVue cell painting kit comprises validated, preoptimized fluorescent bioprobes to streamline workflows, saving you time and cost.

  • Simultaneously tag cell compartments and organelles with six fluorescent probes
  • Determine protein expression, identify organelles and their function, or examine whole-cell morphology


Microplates for fluorescent cellular imaging

Engineered to deliver superior images with optimal clarity and fast autofocusing, PhenoPlates and ViewPlate™ microplates are ideal for use with PhenoVue reagents for the highest quality data in high-content applications.

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