Chalice Bioinformatics Software

Developed to provide collaborators the same proven analysis tools employed by Horizon’s combination screening scientists, The Chalice software is a proprietary data analysis platform for characterizing single agent and multi-target screening results. The tool allows researchers to quantitatively assess the strength of combination interactions and to extract valuable insights, discoveries, and data trends from high-throughput combination activity profiling experiments.


Chalice software

To find out more and see the bioinformatics software in action you can watch our free chalice webinar.

Watch our Chalice webinar

Chalice as a taster feature or as the full software has been removed from the website. It is no longer being supported and is not compatible with our updated web security arrangements. However, there is a free program that can be downloaded called 'Combenefit' from, which has very similar combination functionality to Chalice.

This paper below outlines Combenefit and compares it with a couple of other free combination analysis programs. They have all been used successfully by many others, but we at Horizon have not tested any of the alternatives to Chalice.

Bioinformatics, 32(18), 2016, 2866–2868: Combenefit: an interactive platform for the analysis and visualization of drug combinations