Blotting supplies

For sensitive and consistent detection of proteins and nucleic acids


A trusted line of reagents, transfer membranes and secondary antibodies for highly sensitive and reliable detection quantitation of proteins and nucleic acids.
Blotting reagents Transfer membranes Secondary antibodies




Western blot reagents

For the most sensitive detection and consistent performance, researchers can trust the Western Lightning™ brand of blotting reagents for chemiluminescent and chromogenic detection.

Western Lightning ONE Pico

Part of our premier line of premixed chemiluminescent HRP substrates,

Western Lightning ONE Pico offers mid-picogram detection with no mixing required

Western Lightning ONE Femto

A versatile, mid-level pre-mixed, one-component chemiluminescent horseradish peroxidase (HRP) substrate

Western Lightning™ ONE Femto can detect mid-femtogram protein levels in western blots with a high signal intensity.

Western Lightning ONE Femto Ultra

Get accurate detection of both low and high abundance proteins in the same experient Western Lightning™ ONE Femto Ultra can detect low-femtogram protein levels in western blots with superior signal intensity.

Western Lightning Plus

Twice the sensitivity of standard ECL substrates An economical choice with enhanced sensitivity and the best signal-to-noise ratio available, for consistent results on either PVDF or nitrocellulose membranes.

Western Lightning Pro

Long-lasting signal life for repeated exposures

Detect proteins in the low picogram range. The unique non-toxic formulation provides a long-lasting luminescent signal with an excellent dynamic range.

Western Lightning Ultra

The highest sensitivity ECL reagent

Detect proteins in the low femtogram range . Ideal for conservation of precious samples.

Chromogenic substrates

DAB and BCIP/NBT substrates for use in chromogenic assays
  • Use DAB to detect horseradish peroxidase (HRP)
  • Use BCIP/NBT to detect alkaline phosphatase (AP)


Hybridization transfer membranes

Ensure accurate detection with high performance transfer membranes for blotting and other applications.

  • Nitrocellulose membranes for high protein binding capacity and retention of small proteins in Western blotting 
  • Nylon membranes for nucleic acid binding in Northern and Southern blotting
  • Charged nylon membranes for radiometric assays


Nitrocellulose transfer membrane

Protran 100% pure nitrocellulose membranes, with no cellulose acetate added, ensure the highest binding capacity possible.


Nylon transfer membrane

Ideal for chemiluminescent and chromogenic techniques, as well as Northern and Southern blotting applications.

GeneScreen™ plus

Charged nylon transfer membrane

Charged nylon hybridization transfer membranes are ideal for radiometric techniques.


Secondary antibodies & proteins

Affinity-purified secondary antibodies and proteins offer excellent selectivity for ELISA, Western blotting, and histochemical and cytochemical staining procedures. Reagents can be mixed and matched for flexible application in many detection protocols.

PhenoVue™ fluorescent secondary antibodies

Enhanced sensitivity – optimized for multiplexing experiments
  • Highly cross-adsorbed antibodies minimize cross-reactivity
  • Anti-rabbit or anti-mouse antibodies for common applications
  • Validated in high-content screening applications