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Horizon Discovery drives the application of gene editing and gene modulation within the global life science market – supporting scientists on the path from research to therapy.

Horizon Discovery

Built upon more than a decade of experience in the engineering of cell lines, the company offers an unmatched portfolio of tools and services


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Business model

A leader in leveraging technologies in gene editing and gene modulation with a demonstrated ability to develop and commercialize innovative applications.


Horizon is a leading provider of cell engineering solutions


Leverage our expertise in innovative gene editing and gene modulation applications to provide customers with tools and services to transform human health.


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PerkinElmer傘下であるHorizon Discoveryが、がん、感染症、および自己免疫疾患における治療用抗体開発用途としてCHO-K1 ADCC+発現細胞株を加え、CHOSOURCEプラットフォームを拡張