Horizon Discovery

Gene editing and gene modulation for life sciences


Horizon is leveraging its technological expertise to provide cell engineering tools and services to its customers in three key areas of the therapeutic ecosystem: basic research, drug discovery and development and therapeutic applications.


Business units

Horizon currently operates through four business units

  • Research reagents: offers tools and services that help scientists better understand biological pathways and mechanisms of disease, as well as molecular reference standards used in the development of diagnostics tests
  • Screening & Cell line engineering services: offers tools and services that are designed to improve the outcome of drug discovery and development
  • BioProduction cell lines: offers engineered CHO cell lines that are designed to enable efficient biologics manufacturing
  • Base editing: develops tools and services that are based on a highly accurate, novel platform that Horizon intends to license to its customers for gene and cell therapeutic development. Base editing is a new category in gene editing that allows scientists to make specific edits to single bases in DNA, with the goal of providing more accurate gene editing by reducing unintended genomic changes. As a novel technology, base editing has not yet been clinically validated for use in human therapeutics.



Horizon’s business is underpinned by its portfolio of cell engineering tools and services, featuring gene editing technologies such as CRISPR and base editing and gene modulation technologies such as RNAi. Horizon’s offerings support and enable critical elements of the drug development and therapeutic value chain, particularly in the area of precision medicine.


Global reach

Horizon’s customers include biopharmaceutical and diagnostics companies, contract research and manufacturing organizations and academic researchers across the globe. Horizon sells its tools and services to more than 2,000 unique customers in over 60 countries, including to 19 of the 20 largest biopharmaceutical companies by revenue.