CRISPR Design Tools

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Power and flexibility of Edit-R CRISPR design tool
Horizon’s Edit-R CRISPR design tool generates guide RNAs for straightforward knockout experiments, as well as custom site-specific guides that target user-defined regions of a gene
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By assessing phenotypes for thousands of designs, we established standards for identifying target sites that are more likely to achieve functional protein knockout while retaining high levels of specificity

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Supports 30+ species, alternative nucleases beyond standard SpCas9, and can design guides not just in the protein-coding region but also for microRNAs, long non-coding RNAs, and intronic regions

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Custom guide designs can be made as a synthetic guide or packaged into any of our lentiviral vectors, including the All-in-one vector, which combines SpCas9 sequence and a gene-specific guide RNA for a single, ready to use reagent.

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