Reference standards for confident assay validation

Consistency from assay development to routine monitoring



Create your own reference standard

Use our new online tool to create your own reference material in 5 simple steps!

  1. Choose the format
  2. Select up to 4 variants 
  3. Select allele frequency
  4. Choose the amount and/or concentration
  5. Generate your quote

OncoSpan - the largest oncology reference standard

Browse the range of OncoSpan reference standards:

  • Contains over 370 variants across 152 oncogenes
  • Available in gDNA, FFPE or cell-free DNA 
  • Cell line-derived to closely mimic patient samples
  • Ideal for end-to-end workflow validation and routine monitoring

Latest products

Pan-Cancer 6-Fusion Panel

  • Horizon's newest gene fusion panel contains 3 NTRK fusions plus ALK, RET and ROS
  • Negative control also available 



Horizon partner with MDIC

Read about our collaboration with MDIC's SRS Initiative and the ten new materials available early 2024

Horizon shines in FNIH study

Download this new literature review that highlights Horizon's performance in an FNIH study on ctDNA assays


  • Horizonのゲノム編集技術で様々な変異を実現
  • 幅広いアレル比の標準サンプルをご用意し


  • がん遺伝子変異解析を目的とした各社NGSパネルを幅広くカバー
  • バッチ固有のNGSデータセットをウェブ経由で提供

New: Pan-Cancer 6-Fusion Panel

  • 6つの融合遺伝子が陰性であることを確認したネガティブコントロール