Business model

Unmatched Expertise

We are a leader in leveraging technologies in gene editing and gene modulation with a demonstrated ability to develop and commercialize innovative applications.

The expertise and know-how, which we have developed over several decades, underpins our portfolio of tools and services which scientists to gain a greater understanding of gene function, identify genetic drivers behind human disease, deliver biotherapeutics and cellular and gene therapies for precision medicine.


We are focused on commercializing the application of gene editing and gene modulation to accelerate scientific innovation and biopharmaceutical drug development.


We have access to a variety of cell engineering technologies, which means we can take a technology-agnostic approach when providing our customers with a cell engineering solution.


In turn, the knowledge that we gain through these deep customer relationships informs our own product development, allowing us to create the market-aligned innovative solutions that not only differentiate the company’s offering, but also fuel development of the next wave of precision medicine

Resources at our disposal

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Our portfolio of tools and services is built on decades of experience in altering the expression of genes across mammalian and human cell types. Our business is underpinned by our portfolio of cell engineering tools and services, featuring gene editing technologies such as CRISPR and base editing, and gene modulation technologies such as RNAi. We are led by a senior management team whose members have decades of experience in the healthcare sector, a proven track record of growing successful global life sciences tools and services businesses. We are committed to continued, focused investment in commercially-led, scientific innovation to stay at the forefront of emerging technologies, to maintain a leading market position and to democratize the use of novel technologies by bringing them to the broader market. Unique market insights derived from longstanding deep customer relationships with leading academic institutes, biopharmaceutical and diagnostics companies globally.

What we do

We are focused on commercializing the application of gene editing and gene modulation technologies to accelerate scientific innovation and biopharmaceutical drug development.


What we deliver

We have developed a broad portfolio of cell engineering tools and services that addresses critical elements of the therapeutic ecosystem. All of our business units are underpinned by our core expertise in cell engineering.


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Research reagents
Base editing
Enabling a better understanding of disease mechanisms and the drivers behind disease. Enabling improved target discovery and patient stratification. Delivering a commercial disruptive cell line for the production of biologics. Allowing scientists to make specific edits to base pairs in DNA or RNA.


The value we create

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Therapeutic ecosystem
We believe our expertise in gene editing and gene modulation applications can have a positive impact on the wider therapeutic ecosystem by helping our customers to improve the quality of basic research, enhancing patient outcomes and increasing the return on investment on drug development. Our mission is to leverage our expertise in gene editing and gene modulation applications to help our customers to transform human health. We will do this by providing them with market-aligned tools and services that enable them to achieve operational and competitive advantage. Our goal is to provide superior returns to shareholders through delivering sustainable growth in revenue, whilst maintaining gross margins in excess of 65%. We strive to provide our employees with challenging and rewarding careers with fair pay, training and career progression in a stimulating working environment. Delivering on this objective will help us to continue to recruit, train and retain high quality scientific, commercial and leadership candidates from around the world. We aim to create a positive impact beyond technical innovation in healthcare by engaging with local communities, caring for the environment and by improving access to health and education.