To complement our pre-designed siRNA collections and support a broad range of RNAi experiments, our siRNA design experts can provide custom SMARTpool reagents targeting genes outside of our genomewide offerings, like specific isoforms and splice variants or alternative species.

Some design requests may not provide sufficient sequence space for design of four siRNA. If this is the case, you will be contacted about the status of the design(s) prior to synthesis.

Custom SMARTpool



80 total nmol (siGENOME, ON-TARGETplus) or 120 total nmol (Accell) of a mixture of 4 siRNAs selected using SMARTselection siRNA technology

Sequence Information


Delivery Time

10 business days. For orders greater than 10 Custom SMARTpool reagents, turnaround time will be confirmed at the time the order is placed.

Terms and Conditions

Please reference full terms and conditions for details. A summary is provided here:

  • For research use only
  • No commercialization
  • Vector development for internal use only
  • No selling or distribution to third parties
  • This product is covered by U.S. Patent Nos. US US 5889136, 6008400, 6111086, 6590093, and corresponding patents issued in other countries.