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Investigate microRNA function and the pathways in which they are involved with miRNA modulation reagents.

Predesigned miRNA modulation reagents

Custom miRNA synthesis

  • Custom microRNA modulation tools

    Modify an existing microRNA mimic or inhibitor, target a novel microRNA, or request an Accell microRNA Inhibitor or Stabilized Mimic for special applications.

Introduction to microRNA modulation

miRNAs are noncoding RNAs that mediate post-transcriptional gene regulation through a mechanism that involves RISC-mediated binding to complementary sequences largely in the 3’ UTR of mammalian target genes. miRNAs bind to targeted messenger RNAs (mRNAs) via imperfect sequence complementarity resulting largely in mRNA destabilization and translational attenuation. Because miRNA targeting of transcripts is directed by partial sequence complementary, each miRNA can potentially regulate hundreds of genes.

Modulation of miRNA levels in both gain- and loss-of function experiments is a fundamental way to understand not only microRNA function, but also the pathways in which they may be involved.

microRNA mimics

miRIDIAN microRNA mimics are chemically synthesized synthetic double-stranded RNA molecules which are intended to mimic the endogenous duplex resulting from Dicer processing. One strand represents the mature miRNA as annotated in the miRBase database release 21.0 (www.mirbase.org). Use of the proprietary ON-TARGETplus modification ensures that only the desired mature strand is loaded into RISC. miRIDIAN microRNA mimics require delivery into cells using methods similar to those for siRNA (transfection reagents, electroporation, etc.). Individual reagents are available for every miRNA in human, mouse, and rat; and predefined screening libraries are available for human and mouse. Custom miRNAs can be ordered through our custom microRNA web tool to allow more flexibility in species availability, design criteria and adding chemical modifications. Custom rearrays can also be generated and ordered through use of the Cherry-pick Library Plater.

shMIMIC Lentiviral microRNA and shMIMIC Lentiviral Inducible microRNA constructs are lentiviral vectors which encode native microRNA sequences to achieve exogenously introduced microRNA expression. Based on the patented SMARTvector Lentiviral shRNA platform, they are optimized for highly functional expression and to ensure strand bias so as to only load the specific targeting strand representing the mature miRNA sequence. With the added flexibility of the SMARTchoice promoter and reporter options, constructs can be ordered in numerous configurations ensuing optimal experimental results. Individual constructs are available as high-titer purified lentiviral particles for all human, mouse, and rat microRNAs in the miRbase database release 21.0; pooled screening libraries are also available for human and mouse in both constitutive and inducible formats. Custom pooled screening libraries can also be ordered here.

microRNA inhibitors

Introduction of microRNA inhibitors into a biological system results in a loss-of-function assay with a predicted decrease in endogenous miRNA function. miRIDIAN microRNA Hairpin Inhibitors are synthetic single-stranded RNA molecules designed to inhibit endogenous miRNA activity. They are the newest generation proprietary, synthetic inhibitors. The patent-pending molecule combines chemical modifications and completely novel secondary structure motif giving enhanced potency and longevity. This allows for multiplexed microRNA inhibition at very low nanomolar concentrations and with minimal toxicity. Individual reagents are available for every mature miRNA in human, mouse, and rat in the miRBase database release 21.0; and predefined inhibitor screening libraries are available for human and mouse. Custom rearrays can also be created and ordered through use of the Cherry-pick Library Plater.

A complete portfolio of positive and negative experimental controls to optimize conditions and design relevant microRNA modulation experiments.

miRIDIAN mimic positive controls
miRIDIAN mimic negative controls
miRIDIAN mimic transfection control reagents
miRIDIAN microRNA hairpin inhibitor positive controls
miRIDIAN Hairpin inhibitor negative control reagents
miRIDIAN Hairpin inhibitor transfection control reagents
SMARTvector controls

Mimic and Hairpin Inhibitor libraries are available for human, mouse, and rat microRNAs. Provided in 96-well plates for high-throughput phenotypic screening.