Gene silencing with self-delivering siRNA

A single reagent for guaranteed gene knockdown in any cell type


Accell™ siRNA by Dharmacon™ is uniquely modified to facilitate passive uptake into the cell – eliminating the need for viral vectors, cytotoxic transfection or electroporation techniques.
Simply add one reagent to silence any human, mouse or rat gene, in nearly any cell line.
Accell benefits:
  • Single reagent – no viral vector, transfection or electroporation required 
  • Easy delivery – simply add the appropriate amount to your cells
  • Guaranteed gene silencing – all Dharmacon siRNA are guaranteed to knockdown the target gene
Ideal for:
  • Difficult-to-transfect cell types – primary, neuron, immune cells & iPSCs
  • Gene knockdown – simplified workflow for guaranteed results
  • Extended-duration silencing – low toxicity enables multiple dosing up to 30 days

Silence your target gene

Find Accell siRNA for simple, guaranteed knockdown of any human, mouse or rat gene.


Accell gene silencing workflow



The power of the Accell siRNA lies in the simplicity of it's workflow

To achieve guaranteed target gene knockdown, simply combine Accell siRNA stock solution with Accell siRNA delivery media to a recommended 1µM working concentration. Then add Accell delivery mix directly to cells and incubate for 72 hours.

Delivery may be inhibited by the presence of BSA in serum. Optimization with serum-free media formulations (Accell Delivery Media) or < 2.5% serum in standard media is recommended. Full-serum media may be added back after 48 hours of incubation

mRNA silencing is achieved by 72 hours, with optimal protein knockdown observed around 96 hours.


Effective siRNA uptake and silencing in difficult-to-transfect brain slices

Simple but effective siRNA delivery

Cellular uptake of Accell siRNA is shown to increase over time with extended incubation. Cerebellar sections (250 μm) were prepared, cultured, and incubated for 3 hours (left) and 72 hours (B) with Accell Red Non-targeting control (NTC) siRNA before inspection by microscopy.

Increased fluorescence detected in the left panel demonstrates successful Accell siRNA delivery.

Highly efficient protein knockdown

Target gene expression is shown to decrease over time with extended incubation, with optimal gene silencing observed at 96 hours.

Cultured brain slices were assessed following incubation with Accell siRNA targeting PPIB and GAPDH or Non-targeting controls (NTC) at three time points (48, 72, 96 hours) and the level of remaining protein was evaluated using Western blot analysis (using Actin as loading control).




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Accell siRNA

Find Accell siRNA for simple, guaranteed knockdown of any human, mouse or rat gene.

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Appnote: Achieving long-term siRNA gene knockdown

Repeated application of Accell siRNA allows for extended duration gene knockdown with only minimal effects on cell viability and the innate immune response.
Appnote: siRNA gene knockdown in brain slices

Accell siRNA is used in brain tissue slices for highly specific and effective target gene interference.