Tools for functional genomic studies in model organisms

Horizon supports research on non-mammalian model organisms with a comprehensive selection of cDNAs, ORFs, knockout strains, promoter collections and other research tools for Yeast, C. elegans, Zebrafish, Xenopus, and E. coli. Select a species to find reagents & collections.

S. cerevisiae E. coli C. elegans X. laevis D. rerio
C. elegans


Custom RNA reagents for non-mammalian species

Online tools to design and order custom RNA reagents for functional genomic studies in non-mammalian species.

  • CRISPR Design Tool
    Edit-R algorithm designed custom CRISPR guide RNA for 30+ species, including C. elegans, X. tropicalis and D. rerio.
  • siDESIGN Center
    Algorithm generated custom siRNA designs for any species – simply input a gene ID or accession number.
  • Custom RNA synthesis
    Already know your RNA sequence? Order custom RNA with optional chemical modifications at nearly any position.