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Our premium shRNA products use a microRNA-adapted shRNA design to promote more efficient cellular processing and reduce toxicity during RNAi experiments. Visit our shRNA applications page to learn more.

However, efficient gene silencing depends on both the shRNA design and expression level. Therefore, promoter selection is also critical to drive sufficient shRNA expression in your specific cell line.


SMARTvector™ – shRNA tailored to your experiment

SMARTvector customizable shRNA 

The SMARTvector backbone allows you to choose from seven promoters and three reporter options to optimize shRNA for your specific cells and experimental requirements.

Designed using our most advanced microRNA-based shRNA-specific rational design algorithm, SMARTvector lentiviral shRNA expressed under an optimized promoter produces highly potent and specific silencing. Identify the optimal promoter for your cell line with the SMARTchoice promoter selection plate.

SMARTvector shRNA are also available with a Tet-on® 3G inducible promoter for reversible, controlled gene silencing, which is especially useful when studying the function of essential genes.


GIPZ/TRIPZ collections

GIPZ shRNA and TRIPZ inducible shRNA offer specific gene silencing with minimized cellular toxicity, but lack the SMARTvector's promoter/reporter flexibility. Both GIPZ and TRIPZ collections were developed in collaboration with Gregory Hannon (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories) and Steve Elledge (Harvard).

Which shRNA reagent is best for you?

Use the table below to assist you in determining the right shRNA reagents for your experimental needs.

Species Human, Mouse, Rat Human, Mouse Human Human, Mouse
Promoter Choice of 7 constitutive* and 4 inducible promoters Human CMV Pol II TRE-min-CMV U6 Pol III
Vector backbone Lentiviral Lentiviral Lentiviral Lentiviral
Stem-loop format MicroRNA-adapted MicroRNA-adapted MicroRNA-adapted Simple
Fluorescent reporter gene GFP/RFP GFP RFP
Guaranteed silencing**
In vivo RNAi
Create stable cell lines
Recommended for primary and non-dividing cells
Inducible expression
Whole genome library availability Human, Mouse, Rat Human, Mouse Human Human, Mouse
Formats Bacterial glycerol stock, High-titer lentiviral particles, Gene families and pathways Bacterial glycerol stock, Arrayed library format, Gene families and pathways, High-titer lentiviral particles, shRNA Starter Kit Bacterial glycerol stock, Arrayed library format, Gene families and pathways, shRNA Starter Kit Bacterial glycerol stock, Arrayed library format, Gene families and pathways

*Some promoter options may only be available as custom products or upon request.

**For SMARTvector, GIPZ, and TRIPZ lentiviral shRNAs, at least one out of three constructs is guaranteed to reduce target mRNA levels by 70% or more when used in combination with the appropriately matched non-targeting and positive controls.