CRISPR–Cas9 mediated genome editing provides a highly efficient way to probe gene function. Using this technology, thousands of genes can be knocked out and their function assessed in a single experiment. We have conducted over 150 of these complex and powerful screens and will use our experience to guide you through the process of screen design, performance and analysis.

We discussed:

  • How to use CRISPR screening for target ID and validation, understanding drug MOA and patient stratification
  • The screen design, quality control and how to evaluate success of your screening program
  • Horizon’s latest developments to the platform
  • Horizon’s novel approaches to target validation screening


Benedict C. S. Cross, PhD
Team Leader (Discovery Screening)

Ben joined Horizon in 2013 to expand and develop Horizon’s functional genomic screening capability and to lead a major research alliance in synthetic lethal target discovery. Ben now manages Horizon’s functional genomic screening platform including the CRISPR screening service. Prior to working at Horizon, Ben completed his Ph.D. at the University of Manchester and trained as a post-doctoral scientist at the University of Cambridge studying reverse chemical genetic screening in the unfolded protein response.