As traditional monotherapies are typically insufficient for durable clinical responses, combination therapies have emerged as the standard of care in oncology and many other diseases. The efficient screening of large numbers of drug pairings to identify novel efficacious combinations is a significant challenge that requires highly automated assays, software configured for the analysis of large combination data sets, and access to diverse cell line panels.

To address these challenges, we have developed a unique proprietary large scale combination screening platform to accelerate the discovery of new combination therapies and aid patient stratification.

In this webinar:

  • We introduce Revvity’s cell panel screening platform and its application for large scale oncology drug combination screening
  • Discover key application case-studies including large-scale agnostic screens, validation of hits from CRISPR drug development screens, and biologics combination discovery
  • Explore screen design and strategy
  • Learn about future developments including evaluation of higher order combinations and optimal dosing regimens

Speaker: David Sorrell, Director of Cell-Based Screening - Revvity