Cell panel screens have proved a powerful tool in the cancer drug discovery armory to support patient stratification and the identification of effective combinations. The efficient screening of large cancer cell line panels requires highly automated assays and are conventionally performed in microplates for durations up to six days.

Traditionally, treatments requiring longer than six days have been evaluated in assays such as colony-forming assays that have limited throughput precluding their routine use for large cell panel screens. To address this bottleneck, we developed our OncoSignature™ Long-Term Assay drug discovery service which enables the profiling of slower acting or epigenetic drugs in 384-well plates for 10 days.

In this webinar we:

  • Introduce Horizon’s OncoSignature™ cell panel screening platform
  • Discuss the development and optimisation of OncoSignature™ Long-Term Assay
  • Outline the key features of the Long-Term Assay service
  • Present a case-study demonstrating the advantages of the LTA for characterising slower acting or epigenetic drugs

Speaker: David Sorrell, Director of Cell-Based Screening - Revvity