Human knockout HAP-1 cells


  • 7,500以上の遺伝子ノックアウトモデルから選択可能
  • 30以上の一般的なアプリケーションに使用可能
  • Nature、Journal of Cell Science、Cell Reportsなど査読済み論文で広く使用

"CRISPR-ready" Cas9 stable cell lines

Accelerate your gene editing experiments with stably expressing Cas9 cells

  • Available with Cas9 (CRISPR knockout) or dCas9-VPR (CRISPR activation) expression
  • Choose from a range of popular cell line backgrounds
  • Complete gain and loss of function studies in the same background

Cancer-related cell models

Recapitulate disease phenotype

  • Over 300 knockout and knock-in models available
  • Includes common cell lines such as DLD1, MCF10 and HCT116 
  •  Matched parental cell line delivered for additional control

Application specific models

Browse over 20 of the most common research areas to find the relevant cell model for your research

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