Easily convert your p-values to z-scores!

The BioIT team has designed a beta tool to calculate z-scores from p-values. This tool allows users to copy/paste a list of p-values from Microsoft Excel into a web form, which produces a HTML table or CSV-formatted text file containing the calculated z-scores. The initial concept of this tool was based on customer feedback asking for a simple way to convert their pooled lentiviral library screen results from DESeq (as described here) into z-scores. Due to this feature request, we put together a simple tool for converting a p-value into a z-score. Since z-scores can be positive or negative, while p-values must be between 0 and 1, we also allow the user to input a sign column. In the case of using DESeq results, the user can supply the log2FoldChange column, which will produce positive/negative z-scores. Check out the tool and let us know what you think by emailing the BioIT team.

Author: Jesse Stombaugh, Bioinformatics Developer at Dharmacon

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