DharmaFECT kb: A DNA transfection reagent with a large dynamic range and low cytotoxicity!

One of the main challenges to any experiment involving delivery of a DNA vector to cells, whether it be shRNA, ORF, or a CRISPR-Cas9 plasmid, is efficient and consistent delivery of the vector with minimal negative impact on the cells. Cell death is by far the most common negative event due to a response by the cell to the delivery reagent itself and very quickly results in difficulties with an experiment. The main criteria for any deliver reagent is the ability to deliver the desired DNA with high efficiency and minimal toxicity.

DharmaFECT kb is engineered specifically for the delivery of DNA plasmids to your cells of interest. It provides the same reliable and efficient delivery you have come to expect from our RNA-specific reagents and maintains a very low level of cytotoxicity.

Highlights include:

TurboGFP expression from SMARTvector lentiviral shRNA plasmid as an indicator of successful delivery with DharmaFECT kb transfection reagent


dharmafect kb gel web

HEK293T cells were transfected with 1 µg SMARTvector Human AKT1 Lentiviral shRNA plasmid (Cat #V3Sh21240-224972267) in a 24-well format. Transient transfections were done with DharmaFECT kb transfection reagent (Cat #T-2006-01) at 3 µL per well. Images were taken 48 hours after transfection.

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