Check out the BioIT Beta Tools page to test tools created by our BioIT team!

The BioIT Beta Tools page features tools created by our BioIT team. These bioinformatics beta tools are available for anyone to use, test, and provide feedback. The latest tools can always be found under Resources > Ordering & Calculation Tools, and will allow the BioIT team to implement new tools while receiving user feedback earlier in the design process. This will streamline our development process and ensure that we are creating tools to fit our customers’ needs.

Our goal is to build tools that will enable our customers to perform cutting-edge calculations while making their data analysis more efficient and innovative. The availability of these tools may vary based on community usage and resource demand, therefore your feedback is critical in determining what tools and functionality are needed to empower today’s scientific research efforts.

Have feedback on our beta tools? Or have an idea for a new tool? Send the Bioinformatics team a message!

Author: Tiana Stastny, Bioinformatics Developer at Dharmacon

Try out the latest beta tools and let us know what you think »

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