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Start with the basics

This FREE technical resource provides an overview of RNAi biology, along with a review of the primary types of RNAi reagents- siRNA and shRNA – and how design considerations for these tools may impact experimental results.

Choosing the right product

Considerations for choosing an RNAi reagent will include the duration of silencing, the types of cells being used, the scope of the experiment (one gene target or thousands), and the phenotype being observed. All of these applications are given consideration and recommendations are provided for selecting the best product for a given application.

For instance, those looking for longer-term gene knockdown or silencing in difficult-to-transfect cells, the RNAi Application Guide provides guidance for plasmid and lentiviral vector based shRNA. Factors that affect the choices of promoter, reporter and selection are reviewed.

in vivo RNAi

To address the unique challenge of gene knockdown in vivo, we discuss considerations such as systemic vs. local delivery, reagent stability, dosing and clearance.

RNAi screening

An RNAi screen is a useful and powerful method for uncovering the role of large sets of genes or gene families in a given pathway or disease model. The RNAi Application Guide outlines the various types of screening libraries, common workflows, and reviews the latest techniques for hit validation.

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Additional resources

  • Applications – concise application guides for CRISPR-Cas9 gene engineering, microRNA, siRNA, shRNA, RNAi screening, and gene expression