Xenopus ORF entry clone library derived from the XGC!

For years the Xenopus research community has struggled with a lack of resources for gene expression. The addition of the Xenopus ORFeome is a much welcome collection that can greatly speed up the process of determining gene function in this highly valuable model organism.

Derived from the Xenopus Genome Collection (XGC), the Xenopus ORFeome is a collection of almost 9000 PCR-amplified ORFs representing almost 8200 unique gene IDs with approximately 7000 known human orthologs. The clones were directionally cloned into a Gateway™-adapted donor vector for easy and rapid transfer to almost any expression vector and end-sequenced to confirm ID and directionality. The lack of the native stop codon ensures easy and swift tagging of the ORF for a myriad of downstream applications.

The collection is available as individual clones, custom libraries, and the complete collection; giving you ultimate flexibility for your research needs!

Xenopus ORFeome highlights:

  • Derived from the XGC cDNA collection
  • Almost 9000 ORFs representing approximately 8200 unique gene IDs
  • Cloned into a Gateway™ vector for easy transfer to an expression vector of choice
  • End sequenced to confirm gene ID and directionality
  • Native stop codon removed for easy tagging

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