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What steps are needed to anneal Edit-R SAM tracrRNA to my guide?

Edit-R CRISPRa crRNA and Edit-R SAM tracrRNA can be annealed by simply mixing together prior to transfection. We recommend first preparing 1 �M stocks for each crRNA and SAM tracrRNA. For transfecting in a 96-well plate format, a crRNA: SAM tracrRNA working solution can be prepared by adding 2. 5 �L of 1 �M crRNA and 2. 5 �L of 1 �M SAM tracrRNA to 5 �L of serum-free medium. For more information, please refer to our CRISPRa protocol for transcriptional gene activation found (https: //dharmacon. horizondiscovery. com/uploadedFiles/Resources/edit-r-crispra-synthetic-guide-rna-manual. pdf).