siRNA customization has never been easier

No pre-designed product to fit your needs? Use our online design tools and extensive synthesis options to create a custom siRNA specific for your application. Numerous combinations of modifications, sizes, and purification options are available for convenient online ordering. Try the tools now or watch a short tutorial video on how-to-use the siRNA custom tool to quickly generate an online quote for your custom siRNA.

Order custom siRNA

Order both modified or unmodified siRNAs. Patented modification patterns (ON-TARGET, ON-TARGETplus, siSTABLE, or Accell) and additional custom modifications are available.

Custom SMARTpool design & synthesis

To complement our pre-designed siRNA collections and support a broad range of RNAi experiments, our siRNA design experts can provide custom SMARTpool reagents targeting genes outside of our genome wide offerings.

siDESIGN Center

Design siRNAs targeting genes in non-standard species, particular splice variants or homologous regions across gene families or species.

Preclinical scale and OEM RNA & DNA synthesis

Preclinical scale/OEM service for synthesis of RNA and DNA at larger quantities.


Alternatively, if you would prefer a custom generated quote fill out the custom synthesis quote form.

siRNA Yield Table

For unmodified siRNA, the following approximate yields can be expected:

  Standard (A4) HPLC purified in vivo in vivo HPLC
nmol mg nmol mg nmol mg nmol mg
0.025 µmol scale 20 0.25 - - - - - -
0.05 µmol scale 40 0.5 20 0.25 25 .3 - -
0.2 µmol scale 150 2 80 1 100 1.3 50 0.65
0.4 µmol scale 300 4 160 2 200 2.6 100 1.3
1.0 µmol scale 750 10 320 4 500 6.6 250 3.3
2.0 µmol scale 1500 20 750 10 1000 13 500 6.6
5.0 µmol scale 3750 50 1875 25 2500 33 1250 16
10.0 µmol scale 7500 100 3750 50 5000 66 2500 33

Expert siRNA design assistance is available

Our capabilities include a range of alternative siRNA designs to empower your RNAi research

If you are working in human, mouse or rat models, we may already have what you need as a pre-designed product: Search for your gene in the Search field found in the upper right corner.

Take advantage of our internal design experts and SMARTpool technology! Order a functionally guaranteed Custom SMARTpool for worry-free customization.

Alternative siRNA designs that we support include:

  • Blunt-ended
  • Asymmetrical
  • Longer duplexes (>23 nt)
  • Mismatched strands
  • Alternative bases or linkages

If you can't find what you need or you require additional specifications not available through online order, please request a quote.

For further assistance, please contact Technical Support.