Modulation of miRNA levels is a fundamental way to understand not only microRNA function, but also the pathways in which they are involved. Horizon offers reliable miRNA mimic and inhibitor reagents for every mature human, mouse and rat miRNA in the miRBase database 21.0.


microRNA mimics

Designed to mimic the endogenous miRNA duplex resulting from Dicer processing, miRNA mimics are used in gain-of-function experiments.

miRIDIAN microRNA mimics

Horizon's premier synthetic double-stranded miRNA reagent. One strand represents the mature miRNA, and a proprietary chemical modification ensures that only the desired mature strand is loaded into RISC. miRIDIAN microRNA mimics require delivery into cells using methods similar to those for siRNA (transfection reagents, electroporation, etc.).

SMARTvector shRNA vector diagram
shMIMIC lentiviral microRNA 

Lentiviral vector reagents encoding native microRNA sequences for exogenously introduced microRNA expression. Based on the patented flexible promoter/reporter of the Dharmacon SMARTvector lentiviral backbone, shMIMICs are optimized for highly functional expression and to ensure strand bias so as to only load the specific targeting strand representing the mature miRNA sequence.

Also available in an inducible format featuring Tet-on® 3G technology.


microRNA inhibitors

Designed to inhibit endogenous miRNA activity, miRNA inhibitors are used for loss-of-function experiments.

miRIDIAN microRNA Hairpin Inhibitors

Synthetic single-stranded RNA molecules designed to inhibit endogenous microRNA activity. The proprietary molecule combines chemical modifications and completely novel secondary structure motif giving enhanced potency and longevity. This allows for multiplexed microRNA inhibition at very low nanomolar concentrations and with minimal toxicity.