Create and order RNA molecules with a wide variety of chemical modifications or learn about our capabilities for long RNA oligos, dye labeling and custom amidites. These tools are for ordering RNA and RNA-DNA chimeras only. Order custom DNA from here.

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Dharmacon RNA synthesis capabilities are well beyond the industry standard

  • Long RNA oligos
  • Custom RNA inhibitors for the study of microRNA biology
  • Custom phosphoramidites
  • Specialized chemical modifications or modified bases
  • Larger scales for in vivo and preclinical development  

Custom phosphoramidite production can be requested when the modified base you require is not commercially available or requires a chemical adaptation for our chemistry platform.

Please contact Technical Support for more information.

Dharmacon routinely synthesizes RNA oligonucleotides of 80 nt and longer and consistently obtains superior levels of purity.

The ability to synthesize longer oligos is highly sequence-dependent due to the potential for secondary structure formation and the inherent difficulty for chemical synthesis of certain sequences. Reduced overall yield is expected as oligo length increases.

Purified 99-mer with 5'-Fluorescein

Dharmacon RNA synthesis capabilities support the routine synthesis of long, chemically modified RNA oligonucleotides. UPLC and LC-MS analysis demonstrate the standard level of purity obtained.

The chemistry experts at Dharmacon can customize RNA phosphoramidites to accommodate your unique requests.

When you need a non-standard chemical modification or modified nucleobase that is not available online, we may still be able to help.

To learn more about our capabilities for custom amidite synthesis and to determine feasibility for your project, please contact Technical Support. You may also request a quote using our online submission form.

If contacting our scientists by email, please consider including a chemical structure or an attached publication where your request is described - this will help our chemists determine feasibility and will help to facilitate a more timely response.

How today's scientists use RNA oligos:

Single-strand RNA may be used for:
Custom microRNA inhibitors
FISH/ISH probes
FRET probes
RNA/DNA hybrids
Custom RNA duplexes
Dicer substrates
Antisense oligos
Enzyme substrates
Applications for RNA may involve:
in vitro or in vivo applications
miRNA functional studies
X-ray crystallography, NMR
Transcription / translation
Assay development
RNA-mediated cellular mechanisms
RNA/protein interactions
RNA chemistry