Confidence in your knockout experiment

Dharmacon Edit-R CRISPR guide RNAs are guaranteed to edit the target gene-of-interest, so you can be confident in your knockout result – see guarantee tab for details. 

Our guide RNAs are designed using a validated algorithm to achieve functional gene knockout with high specificity. By assessing phenotypes for thousands of designs, then validating our design rules in multiple assay systems, we have established standards for determining optimal knockout target sites.

Visit our application page to learn more about the Edit-R CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing system.


Flexibility to fit your workflow

We offer Dharmacon Edit-R CRISPR guide RNA in pools or as individual reagents in a variety of formats to fit many different experimental workflows.

Edit-R synthetic sgRNA Edit-R synthetic crRNA
Lentiviral sgRNA All-in-one lentiviral sgRNA + Cas9
  • Synthetic single guide (sgRNA) or two part crRNA:tracrRNA reagents can be co-transfected with Cas9 mRNA or protein for DNA-free workflows.
  • Lentiviral sgRNA are recommended for editing in difficult-to-transfect cells.
  • All-in-one lentiviral sgRNA + Cas9 offers a single-reagent knockout workflow. 
  • Custom design synthetic or lentiviral guide RNAs for additional species, alternative nucleases or any target location using the CRISPR Design Tool.


Scale to meet any scope

Expand the scope of your next loss-of-function experiment. Use the Cherry-Pick Library Tool to design and order your own custom CRISPR knockout screening library of Edit-R guide RNA reagents. Or see our predefined CRISPR knockout libraries for gene families or whole genome screens.

Guide RNA reagent selection

Determining the most appropriate guide RNA format for your experiment will depend on your particular application and cell type. Use this table to select the right reagents for your specific experimental conditions.

Synthetic crRNA Synthetic sgRNA Lentiviral sgRNA Lentiviral All-in-one sgRNA
Guaranteed to edit your gene of interest
Can be custom designed for any species, nuclease or editing location ✔* ✔*
RNP compatible for electroporation  
Transduce into difficult-to-edit cells that can't be electroporated
Population enrichment with antibiotic resistance markers
Population enrichment with fluorescent markers ✔** ✔**  
Single reagent workflow

*custom vector designs for use with S. pyogenes Cas9 only.
**when co-transfected with fluorescent Cas9 mRNA.