RNA interference (RNAi) remains the most simple yet effective method for target gene knockdown in loss-of-function experiments. Dharmacon Reagents has pioneered the development of novel siRNA, shRNA, and microRNA technology for nearly 30 years, offering a broad portfolio of trusted synthetic and expressed reagents for highly specific and efficient gene silencing.

siRNA reagents

Proven synthetic siRNA solutions for straightforward loss-of-function studies.

shRNA reagents

Lentiviral vector-based reagents for transient, long-term, inducible, and in vivo RNA interference.

microRNA reagents

Rationally designed miRNA modulation reagents to up-regulate or suppress endogenous mature miRNA function.
RNA thera whitepaper

Learn about the history and potential of RNA therapeutics

Top considerations for RNAi and CRISPR-Cas9

Top tips for RNAi success

Troubleshoot your RNAi experiment in three easy steps!

siRNA selection guide

A quick tool to help determine the ideal siRNA product line and format for your needs.

RNAi controls

Critical to any gene silencing or microRNA modulation experiment, RNAi controls enable accurate interpretation for reliable, reproducible results.

Gene modulation screening libraries

Ensure screening success when you choose from our siRNA, shRNA and microRNA, CRISPRa or cDNA/ORF libraries.

siRNA applications

Understanding siRNA and how to use it for RNAi.

shRNA applications

What is shRNA and how do you use it?

microRNA applications

Understand the tools that mimic or inhibit endogenous microRNA function

siRNA: To pool, or not to pool?

What factors should be considered in making the decision between using an siRNA individual or pool?