Cas9 nuclease solutions for every CRISPR gene editing workflow

Horizon offers a variety of Cas9 nuclease solutions for CRISPR-based gene editing experiments.
Learn more about the Edit-R™ CRISPR-Cas9 system and gene editing applications.

Cas9-expressing stable cell lines for streamlined gene editing

Shorten your next gene editing workflow with "CRISPR-ready" Cas9-expressing stable cells in a variety of popular cell types.

Fluorescent Cas9 reagents for optimization and enrichment

Simplify enrichment of Cas9 expressing cells with lentiviral or mRNA reagents that co-express either mKate2 or TurboGFP™ with Cas9.

Transient Cas9 products for DNA-free gene knockout

Reduce off-targets and protect cells from potential unwanted cellular responses with mRNA or protein reagents that permit transient Cas9 expression.

Lentiviral Cas9 for easy delivery into any cell type

Eliminate the need for cytotoxic transfection or electroporation steps with constitutive or inducible lentiviral Cas9 reagents.


Cas9 nuclease selection guide

Determining the most appropriate Cas9 nuclease reagent for your experiment is dependent on the particular application or cell type.
See the table below to determine the best format for your experiment.

Cas9 protein Cas9 mRNA Lentiviral Cas9 particles
DNA-free, transient expression
Co-electroporate with synthetic guide RNA
Co-transfect with synthetic guide RNA
Enrich population with FACS
Enrich population with resistance marker
Inducible expression
Create stable cell lines
Lentiviral transduction for cells that are difficult to transfect
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