Gene editing

Understand disease mechanisms at the genomic level

Edit-R gene editing reagents

Optimized tools for high-confidence genome engineering.

Cell models

Work with relevant cell models, specific to any application. Ready-to-go or tailored to individual needs.

CRISPR gene editing and beyond

Edit-R™ CRISPR guide RNA

Designed to provide the highest likelihood of functional protein knockout, while minimizing off-target effects

Ready-to-go cell lines

Ensure consistency across your projects with a choice of edited cell models in the same cell background.

Gene editing workflow guide

Planning a gene knockout or knock-in? This workflow guide will assist you in selecting the best Edit-R genome engineering tools for your application.

Edit-R™ guarantee

All predesigned guide RNAs are fully guaranteed to edit the gene they target, ensuring the highest likelihood of a successful knockout experiment.

Knock-in a gene of interest

Design templates for precise genomic insertion using the HDR pathway.

CRISPR & Cas9 all-in-one vector!

Single-transfection solutions for a simplified gene editing workflow.

CRISPR Design Tool

Design guide RNA for use in over 40 species or with any nuclease.

CRISPR screening libraries

Accelerate functional genomic screens with CRISPR libraries. Available custom designed or pre-defined in pooled and arrayed formats.