Liquid biopsy

Have confidence in any liquid biopsy workflow
  • Commutable cell-free DNA (cfDNA) controls
  • Allele frequencies as low as 0.1%

Solid tumor analysis

Mimic patient samples with with commutable controls
  • Choose from FFPE, formalin-compromised DNA and gDNA products
  • Suitable for multiple platforms in any application

Genome in a Bottle

‘Well Characterized Genome’ FFPE samples, made in collaboration with the Genome in a Bottle Consortium.

These standards are ideal for NGS workflows, especially the validation and development of whole-genome sequencing protocols.

Choose from Ashkenazi father, mother, son, or Asian son.

cfDNA extraction with chemagic and HD917

Our latest application note showcases the effectiveness of the chemagic cfDNA 5k kit (CMG-134) for cell-free DNA extraction with Horizon's cfDNA multiplex reference standard HD917