Liquid biopsy

Have confidence in any liquid biopsy workflow
  • Commutable cell-free DNA (cfDNA) controls
  • Allele frequencies as low as 0.1%

Solid tumor analysis

Mimic patient samples with with commutable controls
  • Choose from FFPE, formalin-compromised DNA and gDNA products
  • Suitable for multiple platforms in any application

Genome in a Bottle

‘Well Characterized Genome’ FFPE samples, made in collaboration with the Genome in a Bottle Consortium.

These standards are ideal for NGS workflows, especially the validation and development of whole-genome sequencing protocols.

Choose from Ashkenazi father, mother, son, or Asian son.

Preparing commutable cell-free DNA

See how Horizon uses sonicated and enzymatically sheared cell-line derived DNA to create the most commutable cfDNA reference material for liquid biopsy assay validation.