Custom microRNA

Modify an existing microRNA mimic or inhibitor, target a novel microRNA, or request an Accell microRNA Inhibitor or Stabilized Mimic for special applications.

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  • Custom microRNA

    Use our online ordering tool to easily enter your mature microRNA and have our proprietary miRIDIAN mimic modification pattern applied to you sequence.

    Multiple scales and processing options are available, as well as a wide variety of 5’ and 3’ modifications.

Additional microRNA modulation tools are available by Technical Support quote

If you are looking for a standard miRIDIAN microRNA Mimic or Hairpin Inhibitor for a human, mouse, or rat microRNA and you do not require any additional modifications or special processing, use the search function in the upper right-hand corner of the page to find pre-designed microRNA modulation tools.

For custom inhibitors, Accell inhibitors and stabilized mimics, please request a quote online or contact Technical Support.

For Custom miRIDIAN microRNA mimics order using our online tool.

Extended options for enhancing your microRNA mimic or inhibitor

  • Stabilized Mimics: Add stabilizing modifications to a miRIDIAN Mimic for additional stability in nuclease-rich environments
  • Accell Inhibitors: Add Accell modifications to a microRNA inhibitor for delivery into cells without a transfection reagent

Advantages of custom synthesis

  • Target a microRNA in an alternative species
  • Introduce mismatches to study microRNA biomechanics
  • Select In vivo processing and large-scale synthesis for animal studies
  • Apply a wide range of chemical modifications 
  • Custom miRIDIAN microRNA mimics

    Online ordering for custom miRIDIAN mircoRNA mimics.

  • Contact Technical Support for stabilized mimics, to add mismatches within your mimic sequence, Accell inhibitors and custom miRIDIAN hairpin inhibitors.

Application notes

Modulating endogenous miRNA targets with miRIDIAN microRNA mimics and inhibitors
MicroRNAs (miRNAs) have been shown to regulate gene expression through both translational attenuation and messenger RNA (mRNA) degradation

Reciprocal microRNA Modulation Identifies Gene Targets in a Biological Context
Through their effect in down-regulation of gene transcripts, microRNAs play an important role in a range of biological processes such as development

microRNA targets in stem cell differentiation
MicroRNAs are non-coding RNAs that provide critical translational regulation within the cell.

Screening microRNAs for determinants of osteogenesis
MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are endogenous non-coding RNAs that modulate gene expression through the RNA interference pathway.


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Design and performance implications of miRNA tools in vivo

SMARTchoice Inducible shMIMIC Lentiviral microRNA enables you to do new things with expressed microRNAs
The only INDUCIBLE multi-promoter, multi-marker, native microRNA context solution

Product & technical manuals

shMIMIC inducible lentiviral microRNA
Advantages of the unique shMIMIC microRNA expression design with the Tet-On 3G tetracycline-inducible expression system.

shMIMIC lentiviral microRNA
The SMARTchoice lentiviral vector platform is an innovative system ideally suited for RNA interference (RNAi)-mediated studies.

SMARTvector shRNA and shMIMIC microRNA Lentiviral pooled screening libraries
SMARTvector shRNA and shMIMIC microRNA Pooled Lentiviral shRNA Screening Libraries are pools of shRNA and microRNA expression constructs.

Product inserts

miRIDIAN microRNA Mimics, hairpin inhibitors and negative controls
MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are small endogenous RNA molecules (~21-25 nt) that regulate gene expression by targeting one or more mRNAs.

Product selection guides

microRNA selection guide
A quick tool to help determine the ideal Dharmacon microRNA product line and format for your needs.

Guidelines and recommendations for miRIDIAN microRNA libraries
Guidelines for handling, storage, resuspension, plate layout, custom plating, whole genome library information, and troubleshooting for microRNA…


Basic siRNA resuspension
This protocol outlines resuspension of siRNA and includes answers to frequently asked questions.

DharmaFECT duo co-transfection of plasmid and miRIDIAN reagents
Protocol for the co-transfection of plasmid DNA and miRIDIAN RNA reagents using DharmaFECT Duo transfection reagent.

Ethanol precipitation of RNA oligonucleotides
This protocol is for Ethanol Precipitation of RNA Oligonucleotides.

siRNA Transfection with DharmaFECT
The following is a general protocol for use of DharmaFECT transfection reagents to deliver siRNA (or microRNA) into cultured mammalian cells.

Dharmacon siRNA and microRNA transfection with DharmaFECT transfection reagents
A quick protocol version of our siRNA transfection with DharmaFECT transfection reagents protocol.

Recommended Reading

Dharmacon publications
These publications are from Dharmacon scientists highlighting internal research and collaborations in the fields of CRISPR-Cas9, RNAi, et al.

RNAi screening references
Selected publications of general interest to researchers performing RNAi (siRNA, shRNA, microRNA) libraries for functional genomic screening.

Understanding RNAi off-target effects
The articles in this document are recommended to assist in understanding mechanisms, sources, and strategies to reduce off-targets in RNAi experiments

Safety Data Sheets

SDS (US) DNA oligo and plasmids
North American standard Safety Data Sheet for PlasmidDNA.

SDS (US) RNA oligonucleotides
North American standard Safety Data Sheet for RNA Oligonucleotides.

SDS (EU) DNA oligo and plasmids
European Union standard Safety Data Sheet for PlasmidDNA.

SDS (EU) RNA oligonucleotides
 European Union standard Safety Data Sheet for RNA Oligonucleotides.

SDS (FR) DNA oligo and plasmids
French standard Safety Data Sheet for PlasmidDNA.

SDS (FR) RNA oligonucleotides
French standard Safety Data Sheet for RNA Oligonucleotides.

SDS (JP) DNA oligo and plasmids
Japanese standard Safety Data Sheet PlasmidDNA.

SDS (JP) RNA oligonucleotides
Japanese standard Safety Data Sheet for RNA Oligonucleotides.