Create your own reference standard

100% cell-based NGS controls specific to your workflow

Made to order reference material for end-to-end workflow testing

Create your own reference standard bespoke to your oncology NGS diagnostics pipeline.


Get an instant quote in 5 simple steps

Use our step-by-step tool to create a reference standard to match your oncology assay

  1. Choose the format
  2. Select up to 4 variants - search by gene name
  3. Select an allele frequency for each variant 
  4. Choose the amount and/or concentration specific to your chosen format
  5. Your quote is automatically generated and added to cart 


Maintain sample complexity with commutable and reproducible controls

Horizon's controls come in multiple formats to support quality control processes from assay development through to routine monitoring.  

Simply custom blend your variants of interest in the format and quantity that best suits your workflow. 

  • 100% human cell-line derived products 
  • Allele frequencies as low as 0.1%
  • Developed and manufactured under ISO:13485 or ISO:9001


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