These tools are for ordering antisense oligos (ASOs) between 15-35 nucleotides in length, for oligos outside this range use these links to order custom RNA or custom DNA.

  • Order individual ASOs

    Custom synthesis of 15-35 bases at either 0.05 μmol or 1.0 μmol scale, with the option of HPLC purification.

  • Order multiple ASOs

    Use this online tool to order multiple custom ASOs with the same characteristics (scale, purification and modifications).

Rely on Dharmacon’s 20+ years of oligo synthesis expertise for your ASO needs.

Our tool supports multiple modifications patterns to enhance the stability & binding affinity of the oligo, including phosphorothioate linkages, 2’-O-methyl, locked nucleic acids, and MOE (methoxyethyl) modifications.

We also offer flexibility in synthesis scale and purification options to meet your experimental requirements.