Engineered cell lines

Human HAP1 KO and cancer cell models. CRISPR-ready Cas9 & dCas9 stable cells.


Horizon combines innovative technology with deep practical expertise to provide unrivaled cell line engineering solutions. Our dedicated team has a proven record of delivering quality and timely results, with over a decade of editing experience in hundreds of cell lines – including many challenging-to-edit lines such as iPSCs and primary cells.
Our flexible approach offers solutions to meet your project timeline and budget. From our extensive catalog of 7,500+ "ready-to-go"cell lines that ship immediately, to our custom cell line engineering services, we are here to help!

How do HAP1 knockout cell lines work

Ready-to-go cell lines

Start experimenting immediately!

Find 1000's of validated knockout models, point mutations in cancer-relevant cell models, and Cas9 and dCas9-VPR expressing stable cell lines. Ready to ship today.

Recent HAP1 publications

View a list of peer-reviewed publications using our gene knockout HAP1 cell line models.

Keep your team focused on the big picture

Outsource your cell line engineering or screening projects with Horizon and benefit from our years of expertise and lab automation equipment.

Validate data using knockout cell models

See 5 ways knockout cell lines can be used to validate your research and extend your investigations – from gene rescue to replication of disease mutations.

Cell line engineering services

View our cell line engineering services to create the exact knockout, Knock-in and iPSC required for your drug discovery pipeline. Your edit, our expertise.