Custom oligo synthesis

Trusted solutions for unlimited experimental workflows


With almost 30 years experience as the world leader in reliable oligo design and synthesis, Dharmacon oligo synthesis provides RNA and DNA to the scale and purity you need, at a rate to fit your budget.

Dharmacon™ custom RNA synthesis

Create and order RNA oligos with a wide variety of chemical modifications.

Dharmacon custom RNA design tools

Tools to design and order a variety of customizable gene editing or RNAi reagents.

Single-stranded RNA synthesis

Design and order your own single-strand RNA and RNA-DNA chimeras.

Custom antisense oligonucleotides

Try the Dharmacon custom antisense oligo tool

Midscale oligo manufacturing

Quality custom oligonucleotides for research and preclinical applications.

Synthesizing long & chemically modified oligos

Learn about our patented 2'-ACE chemistry to synthesize long RNA molecules with virtually any chemical modification.