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Infinite reliability for functional genomics

Understanding functional genomics is critical to advance genetic research and therapeutic discovery. Dharmacon Reagents support researchers on this journey at the DNA, RNA, and protein level with the broadest range of functional genomic tools including industry leading gene modulation and gene editing solutions to help elucidate complex biological networks for functional genomic studies.

Dharmacon Reagents have you covered with a complete range of genomic solutions from single-gene experiments to whole genome screens facilitating advancements in genetic research and therapeutic discovery.

Known for almost 30 years as premier providers of synthetic oligonucleotides, Dharmacon Reagents were the first to offer algorithm designed synthetic siRNA for RNAi, and the first to offer guide RNA for CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing applications. Download our infographic to learn more about our journey of innovation.

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RNA interference

The most simple yet effective method for target gene knockdown in loss-of-function experiments

cDNA & ORF clones

Premium cDNA & ORF clones for gene overexpression studies

CRISPR activation

Up-regulate specific gene function at the transcriptional level, without cutting the DNA

CRISPR interference

Down-regulate specific gene function by blocking transcription, without cutting the DNA

Screening libraries

Select from whole genome or gene family catalog CRISPR and RNAi libraries or create a custom library in pooled or arrayed format

RNAi solutions by Dharmacon

Transfection reagents and buffers

Proven DharmaFECT™ transfection reagents, ancillary buffers, and media