Have confidence in your cancer assay

Optimize your validation or monitor assay performance with OncoSpan

Take advantage of a renewable, reproducible, and highly characterized reference control material providing consistency from assay development to routine monitoring.

  • Highly multiplexed reference control panel containing over 370 variants across 152 oncogenes, including >27 indels
  • Cell line derived control material is commutable to patient samples
  • Develop, troubleshoot and assess bioinformatics performance with a companion high coverage, batch specific in silico NGS data set
  • Available as cell-free DNA, FFPE curls, and genomic DNA
  • Range of allele frequencies enable rapid determination of LOD in your assay and sensitivities
  • Demonstrated repeatability and reproducibility with an R2 correlation coefficient in NGS ranging from 0.95 to 0.97 for all OncoSpan formats
OncoSpan applications
  • Enable novel cancer assay development
  • Conduct routine monitoring of assay performance and data analysis
Utilize NGS controls to calibrate your assays
  • Improve patient selection for clinical trials
  • Develop early cancer detection methods
  • Assess therapeutic efficacy

OncoSpan publications

Read these research articles citing the use of OncoSpan reference standards.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.