Gene modulation reagents

Understand disease mechanisms at the genomic level

Gene modulation refers to the process of temporarily altering gene expression levels without making heritable changes to the underlying cellular DNA. The most common gene modulation techniques involve silencing gene function (knockdown) via RNAi or CRISPRi techniques, or increasing expression (activation/overexpression) via cDNA, ORF or CRISPRa techniques.
Horizon offers a wide selection of trusted reagents for both gene knockdown and activation.

Gene knockdown

RNAi solutions by Dharmacon™ make gene silencing simple, so you can focus on the functional result!

Gene overexpression

CRISPR activation, cDNA & ORF reagents for reliable gene expression solutions to suit any workflow.

Top 3 tips for RNAi experiment success

Suggestions from our team of PhD trained scientists for getting your RNAi experiments working successfully!

siRNA selection guide

A quick tool to help determine the ideal siRNA product line and format for your needs.

shRNA selection guide

Find the best shRNA product line and format for your next experiment.

Gene silencing workflow in difficult-to-transfect cell lines

An experimental workflow for gene silencing with self-delivering Accell™ siRNA.

siRNA pooling strategies explained

What factors should be considered when deciding between using an siRNA individual or pool?