Gene overexpression

Reliable solutions for endogenous or exogenous gene overexpression

CRISPR activation

Study a gene’s function by overexpression in its native context.

MGC cDNA reagents

Human, mouse, rat, and bovine cDNAs from the Mammalian Gene Collection.

ORF clones

Choose from Gateway or expression-ready ORF collections.

Non-mammalian cDNAs & ORFs

Overexpress genes from Yeast, C. elegans, E. coli, D. rerio or X. laevis.

Overexpression selection guide

Overexpression selection guide

A quick guide to help determine the best gene expression tools for your particular needs.

CRISPRa, cDNA, or ORF: Which is best for my experiment?

A brief comparison of gene expression technologies to help you choose the best for your application.

CRISPRa for potent transcriptional activation

Poster demonstrating an effective strategy to conduct CRISPRa experiments using synthetic crRNA reagents.

cDNA libraries

Genome-scale and gene family MGC cDNA libraries for human, mouse, and rat.

ORF libraries

Predefined gene family collections and customizable cherry-pick ORF libraries.