Designing guide RNA (gRNA) to create a double-strand breaks (DSB) at a specific genomic location can seem straightforward (simply look for a PAM site) but there are many factors to consider for ensuring that the genome editing occurs at the desired locus while avoiding off-target effects.

We developed the Edit-R algorithm with functionality and specificity in mind to enable successful genome editing. When gRNA are not specific or functional they can lead to unwanted gene expression and unwanted cellular effects. Specificity refers to how well the gRNA can target a particular gene, while functionality refers to the ability of the gRNA to effectively turn the gene on or off.

The Edit-R algorithm with specificity assessment is used to score each gRNA and offer pre-designed gRNAs with the maximum likelihood of functional protein knockout and minimal off-target editing. These reagents are available as synthetic and chemically modified RNAs for arrayed screening or as expressed lentiviral products for pooled screening.