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What are Q-Seq HDx Reference Standards?

The Q-Seq HDx Reference Standards are a range of precisely-defined multiplexed reference standards that may be directly incorporated into your high-throughput platform (NGS, qPCR, dPCR) for the determination of assay specificity, evaluation of variant sensitivity and accurate determination of the limit of detection for each variant. A summary of the different types of Q-Seq products are described below. Tru-QAvailable as DNA40 onco-specific variants at 5%, 2. 5% and 1. 25%, ideal for LOD determinationEndogenous mutations at higher allelic frequencies to test assay robustness; matched wild-type also available for dilution to lower frequencies, or as a negative controlMulti-Gene MultiplexAvailable as DNA or FFPE sectionsCovers 11 onco-relevant variants across 6 genes commonly mutated in cancerAllelic frequency range from 0. 8-24. 5% to allow routine validation of your assay performance; also available in formalin-compromised formatGene-Specific MultiplexAvailable as DNA or FFPE sectionsKRAS and EGFR specific multiplexes including several commonly identified variantsTitratable as a result of single parental background to give multiple allelic frequencies of the same multiplex; highly-focussed standard