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Can I use the Edit-R SAM tracrRNA with your pre-designed crRNA?

Edit-R SAM tracrRNA should be used with Edit-R CRISPRa synthetic crRNA reagents when the experimental cells are compatible with the SAM activation system (cells that express the SAM components dCas9-VP64 and MS2-p65-HSF1). Edit-R crRNAs are comprised of 20 nucleotides identical to the genomic DNA target site, or protospacer, followed by the required S. pyogenes repeat sequence that interacts with the Edit-R SAM tracrRNA. For CRISPRa systems that use regular guide RNAs (gRNA without an aptamer sequence) like dCas9-VPR or SunTag systems, we recommend using the standard Edit-R tracrRNA (Cat# U-002005-XX).