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What is the stability of the Edit-R tracrRNA and crRNAs and how should they be stored?

The crRNA and tracrRNA are shipped as dried RNA oligonucleotide pellets, which are stable at room temperature for two to four weeks. For long term storage, RNA oligonucleotides should be stored at -20 �C or -80 �C in a non-frost free freezer, either as a dried pellet or resuspended in an RNase-free solution buffered to pH 7. 4-7. 6 to help with stability during freeze-thaw cycles. We recommend that RNA oligonucleotides be resuspended to a convenient stock concentration and stored in small aliquots to avoid multiple freeze-thaw cycles. RNA oligonucleotides should not go through more than four to five freeze thaw cycles. If degradation is a concern, the integrity of the RNA oligonucleotides can be evaluated on an analytical PAGE gel. Below are some conservative guidelines for the stability of 10uM crRNA: tracrRNA in Tris under sterile RNAase-free conditions: Stable for at least 1 year at -20CStable for at least 1 month at 4CStable for at least 1 week at room temperature