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What is Dharmacon's policy on minor discrepancies between a published clone sequence (for example in a GenBank record) and the actual sequence?

Dharmacon has not independently verified sequences for the millions of clones in its inventory. To do so would be enormously expensive and would require an unacceptable increase in clone prices. While MGC and full-length Incyte cDNAs have been sequenced to a high standard, it is possible that there will be occasional minor discrepancies between the published sequence and the sequence determined by a customer. Such discrepancies might be due to errors in the original sequencing or to subsequent mutations that sometimes occur during bacterial replication. It is generally impossible to determine which. Dharmacon therefore cannot accept responsibility for such discrepancies in clone sequence. However, we will make a reasonable effort to replace a clone having a discrepant sequence if a "correct" replacement exists in our inventory.