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What makes an IMAGE cDNA clone "Full-Length"?

*IMAGE cDNA clone "Full Length" determination*The IMAGE consortium uses a computer algorithm to analyze the full sequence of a cDNA insert to make the determination of whether or not an IMAGE clone is "full-length". Only clones determined to contain a complete coding sequence (CDS) are included in the 'full length' category. We guarantee that the clone will contain the sequence that is listed in the associated accession. We strongly recommend that researchers review the sequence in the associated accession to determine if a clone will meet their needs. NCBI's BLAST website offers a program for you to align two sequences - this allows you to examine the cDNA clone sequence against your gene's full sequence: http: //www. ncbi. nlm. nih. gov/blast/Blast. cgiIf you need a clone with a particular sequence, we recommend doing a BLAST search of our databases.