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I don't have the same kind of rotor mentioned in your protocol for concentrating virus, how do I know mine will work?

You do not have to use SW28 rotor or the tubes. Other rotor sizes will work. You just need to cross reference the g force and time of run for your rotor. You can use the following web sites to make the conversions: http: //www. beckman. com/resourcecenter/labresources/centrifuges/rotorcalc. asp http: //www. beckman. com/resourcecenter/labresources/centrifuges/runtimecon. asp Here is a paper that uses a SW32Ti rotor (19500 rpm for 2hr) to concentrate lentivirus which might be helpful: http: //www. liebertonline. com/doi/abs/10. 1089/hum. 2006. 138 There is a conversion for rpm to rcf at this website: http: //insilico. ehu. es/mini_tools/rcf_rpm. phpIn our viral protocol to pellet the cells we recommend spinning at 3000rpm, which is equivalent to ~1000xg. For the viral concentration protocol we recommend spinning at 23,000rpm, which is equivalent to ~72,000xg.