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I see a fair amount of cell death when I transfect. What can I do about this?

Extensive cell death following transfection is an indication that delivery conditions need to be further optimized. Basic parameters to consider when optimizing transfections include transfection reagent and cell specific conditions such as the amount of transfection reagent, the lot/batch of transfection reagent, duration of transfection, cell passage number and cell density at transfection. Often decreasing the amount of lipid present during transfection and/or the total duration of transfection will help minimize the toxic effect to the cells. Additionally, it is not uncommon to observe some variability from one tube of transfection reagent to another, and this may also represent a source of experimental variability. If the problem persists, we recommend that other transfection reagents be considered or you may contact Technical Support (technical@horizondiscovery. com) for additional troubleshooting help.