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Which transfection reagent is recommended for delivery of siRNA?

The choice of a transfection reagent often depends more upon the particular cell line than the substance being delivered into the cells. We have available four different lipid-based transfection reagents that have been specially formulated for delivery of siRNAs into cells. These DharmaFECT reagents are very mild yet have very high transfection rates into a wide variety of cell lines. You can find a list of cells we've tested with DharmaFECT here: http: //dharmacon. horizondiscovery. com/transfection/dharmafect-cell-type-guide/Another recommendation is to use a reagent that has been previously used in the cells of interest. Further optimization for siRNA delivery may be necessary. If no established protocol for the cells is available, a PubMed or HighWire search may help identify if a published protocol for the specific cell line or a similar cell line has been reported. In all instances, we recommend following the protocol provided by the manufacturer of the transfection reagent.